Wireless CapTel by Sprint

An app available for Android and iOS Devices

What is Wireless CapTel by Sprint?

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Wireless CapTel by Sprint is an app available for individuals with hearing loss to place calls using CapTel services on select smartphones.  Using state-of-the-art voice recognition technology and VoIP services, this app delivers captions of everything your caller says, while you listen (with your residual hearing) and speak directly to your caller.

Available only in USA and U.S. International calls will either be blocked or terminated.

Registration is required to use this app. If no data plan is selected, casual data charges may apply.

Wireless CapTel by Sprint benefits

  • An app available on select Android-powered and iOS devices.
  • Works on 4G or Wi-Fi*
  • No voice plan required, utilizes your date connection to deliver audio and captions!
  • Integrates with your device contact list
  • Built-in captioned voicemail
  • Call history
  • Font size/color modifications

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*The Wireless CapTel by Sprint app requires a network connection with high enough bandwidth and low enough latency to reliably process a voice-over-IP call.  It is highly recommended that use of this app be done in conjunction with connection through a 4G or Wi-Fi network.  Attempting to use a 3G connection is not recommended.

To install Wireless CapTel by Sprint

Click on one of the images below to send the app to your phone from your computer.

Android app on Google PlayiOS app on iTunes

OR Tap the Google Play Store or iTunes app in your phones applications list and search for Sprint CapTel to install.

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