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Exciting Preview from Ultratec: Braille CapTel and CapTel for Low Vision Users

Braille Captions of Your Telephone Conversations

For people who are Deaf-Blind and voice for themselves, Braille CapTel works with a dynamic braille reader to allow people to read braille captions during telephone conversations.  Easy to connect using Bluetooth™ or USB.

Braille CapTel Service will launch later this year. CapTel is currently looking for beta testers and input from the community. If you're interested in providing input or in becoming a beta tester, please contact CapTel to learn more!

800-482-2424 or Braille@CapTel.com

CapTel® for Low Vision Users

Coming Soon!  CapTel 880iB lets users view captions on their own HDMI-enabled TV screen.  Captions can be as large as the TV screen allows.  

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