Request Your Office Demo Kit

Sprint CapTel is essential for vets with hearing loss.

No Cost Program, Demo Phone Included

With Sprint CapTel's VSO program, you can certify a veteran's hearing loss and guarantee that he or she receives a Sprint CapTel phone and service at no cost. Sprint provides you with literature, forms, and we even provide a demo phone so you have everything you need to assist veterans with hearing loss.

Staying Connected is Critical

If you're a Veterans Service Officer (VSO), you encounter vets every day for whom hearing loss makes using the telephone a challenge. Yet, staying connected to friends and family is essential for everyone, and the phone is a critical tool in reinforcing these connections.

I request a Sprint CapTel Hearing Healthcare Professionals Kit** and authorize Sprint CapTel to contact me via the contact information I provided above regarding registration, installation, and training for the Hearing Healthcare Professionals Kit. I also authorize Sprint to send me Sprint CapTel Hearing Healthcare Professional program related news, information, and offers to the email address I provided above.