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A CapTel Phone Can Change Your Life

You’ll no longer have to avoid phone calls because a CapTel (Captioned Telephone) has a built-in screen to display in text everything being said by the other person. It’s a perfect solution for people with hearing loss.

CapTel service is free – paid for by the Telecommunications Fund from the FCC. And with Sprint CapTel, you can match a phone to your unique situation – either a traditional-style phone, or a phone with a touchscreen interface. Either way, you’ll be able to communicate again with confidence. 

How CapTel Works

CapTel phones are designed to give you the best of both worlds – voice and captions. Simply dial your party’s number like you would with any phone. Your CapTel phone automatically connects you to the captioning service.

When your party answers, you hear everything they say with your residual hearing. At the same time, the captioning service uses advanced voice recognition technology to transcribe everything your caller is saying and turning it into text, which appears on your CapTel phone’s screen.

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