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Hear and See Your Calls

Hear and See Your Calls

A CapTel phone (Captioned Telephone) has a built-in screen to display everything being said by your caller in text. It’s a perfect solution for people with hearing loss.

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Participate in Life

Participate in Life

Don’t miss out on the little things. Sprint CapTel can restore your ability to communicate over the phone so you can connect with the people you care about. Just like you used to.

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Affordable Technology & Free Service

Affordable Technology & Free Service

See if you’re eligible for a FREE captioned phone. Or buy one today. Either way, reliable Sprint CapTel captioning service is FREE. 

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For more than 25 years, Sprint CapTel has worked to restore the joy, confidence and independence that telephone communication provides for people with hearing loss. Our experienced team has guided thousands of customers in finding the right combination of service and technology to meet their individual communication needs. This commitment is why the Federal government and the majority of States have selected Sprint CapTel as their sole CapTel vendor.

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